Julie Veitch(non-registered)
I absolutely love the simplicity of your website and the purity of your photographs Janice! You are a talent!!
Ken Jardine(non-registered)
loving the Swiftsure stuff......good work!
Pamela Wylie(non-registered)
Wonderful work, Janice! I love it!
JUHLi SELBy(non-registered)
Your work is awesome Janice! So cool to get to check it out ; )
Cheryl Routley(non-registered)
Hi Janice - I love keeping up with your journey! I admire your courage :-)
Ben Gawletz(non-registered)
I'm sorry I took so long to put my name down in your guest book Janice! Love the page, your photos from Ecuador are great and can't wait to see some more!
Karen Glen(non-registered)
Love your adjectives describing yourself on your "About" page - it is so you!!!! And beautiful photograph of you. Who took that? It is so fun to watch you blossom. Your photography and writing just keep getting better and better. Go get em, girl!!
Julie Veitch(non-registered)
Once again, your work blows me away with such vibrancy .... and the ALIVENESS!!! Oh my! I Love that you are following your dream and am so glad that you have the courage to do so, because your gift to the world should not be missed!!!
Donna Cloutier(non-registered)
Love them all! Can't wait to see the next adventure.
Julie Veitch(non-registered)
Janice these are beautiful photos.....that you shoot from your heart is clear and the essence of what you share is incredibly touching! Thank you for doing what you do and keep doing it. Please!!
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